Actor pays surprise visit to local eatery


Perhaps not quite as intriguing as ‘Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom,”but “Indiana Jones and the Republic Chophouse” does have a nice ring to it. Actor Harrison Ford had dinner Wednesday night in downtown Green Bay, where he dropped in unannounced at the Republic Chophouse, 218 N. Adams St.

Restaurant manager Mark Hemminger was working when the 67-year old Ford came in with several other men. “He walked in, and it was one of those things where you think you recognize someone,” said Hemminger, who was certain when he heard Ford’s voice.

He seated Ford and his party in a private booth. Other diners likely had no idea who was in their company until after dinner when he came out to the bar, Hemminger said.

”A total surprise to us, but a nice surprise,” he said. ”A gentleman, kind, real laid-back.”

Hemminger chatted with him briefly but wasn’t sure what brought him to town. It sounded like he was just passing through,” he said.

Ford, who was born in Park Ridge, Ill., and attended Ripon College, is a private pilot who has dropped in at EAA Air-Venture in Oshkosh in previous years.

His fiancee, “Brothers & Sisters’ actress Calista Flockhart, was not with him at the restaurant, Hemminger said.

So what did the man who played Han Solo in the “Star Wars” trilogy order? A bone-in beef tenderloin, listed for $35 on the menu.